Capturing the Heart of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
We spent a day on location at Lernapharm, an innovative pharmaceutical product manufacturer. Our mission: Capturing the essence of their manufacturing processes in action.
It was truly impressive to witness their intricate manufacturing processes at work. 
I'd like to extend our appreciation to the dedicated employees who were excellent sports throughout the shoot, making the day a memorable and productive experience.
Unwrapping Deliciousness: Food Packaging Photography
Our latest project involved capturing the essence of a new product launch: mouthwatering burritos in three delightful flavors.
To bring these flavors to life, we infused a rustic charm, using an aged wooden board as the base and fresh vegetables and spices as the backdrop.
The Results: Those burritos look so good, they started their own foodie fan club! 🌯📸​​​​​​​
Grand Opening at the Signature Tag Heuer Boutique in Ottawa
Our mission for the day was to document the splendid interior and exterior of the newly inaugurated Tag Heuer boutique in Ottawa. As curious mall-goers passed by, their interest piqued by the elegant store, many paused politely to observe.
With my camera mounted on a tripod, I patiently waited for the perfect shots, taking a moment to explain to passersby that capturing these moments would require some time, and they were welcome to continue on their way.
Mastering Stainless Steel: A Challenge and Triumph
Photographing stainless steel presents its unique challenges, particularly in controlling highlights and reflections. Our client, Fast Kitchen Hoods, entrusted us with the task of capturing a dozen product photos of their impressive commercial kitchen hoods.
We dedicated a full day to this endeavor, working on-site at their facilities to showcase these sizable kitchen hoods. It was a rewarding experience that shines through in the final shots!
School Crossing Guard Awareness Campaign: Capturing Unsung Heroes
We were tasked with photographing four dedicated crossing guards in uniform for an awareness campaign highlighting the shortage of guards in Quebec.
With just an hour and a half to work as schools prepared to dismiss, we faced the challenges of unpredictable weather. Despite heavy rain that afternoon, the clouds eventually parted, casting dramatic sunlight on our subjects and infusing the shots with a sense of desired drama.
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